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3 Days

3 Days

July 31st, a new family celebration

Your birthday, the day you were born.

But another date looming, August 3rd, – shouldn’t be –

A mere 3 days past, we now mourn.


Ephemeral, fleeting; life hardly started

Wings clipped before learning to fly

Potentiality abbreviated by finality;

Hello truncated too soon by goodbye.

Dominic 3-8061

3 days we were given, to hold you and love you

Inhale scent and memorize face

Sing you our lullabies, stroke spiky hair;

Live a lifetime in hours, clutch grace.


Clock stopped, time frozen, the outside world dim

Spotlight and full focus on here

Drinking in, breathing in each precious moment

The fallacy of “urgent” eclipsed by what’s dear.


Dominic 3-8302


Skin-to-skin Mommy time, Daddy’s voice in song

Grandaddy bedtimes and bath…

Sweet sister kisses, massages, and prayer;

Friends’ visits, Tears rain – Lord, this path?


Whirlwind, devastation, exhaustion and agony

Incomprehensible sorrow

Pleading, beseeching, divine comfort, power

Not knowing how many tomorrows


Dominic 3-7887

Three – to be exact. Measured in moments.

Embraced, until the last one.

Family surrounded, hymns raised, hearts weeping

Singing you back to the Son.



On Daddy’s chest lying, Breaths shallow inhaled,Dominic 3-8286

With each closer still to the veil

Crossing the barrier from temporal to eternal

Earth’s pain to heaven’s regale


A kiss on your head, younger sister’s goodnight

A fitting final farewell

Lifebreath final taken, earth body forsaken

Spirit in God’s Kingdom to dwell

Dominic 2-8368


3 days, life to death. A picture, illustration

Life’s brevity, mere shadow, like grass

Here today, gone tomorrow underscoring

Truth of working for that which will last


Yet your time, those 3 days, brought into focus

A truth many long-lived fail to find

Moments many – years’ quantity – mankind’s quest misplaced

Years a plenty, wrongly filled, only bind


God’s nephesh – image being – created for eternity

His purpose on earth to fulfill

How much, no – how spent is the question

The Lord’s plan in 3 days you found, still.


Drawing to Jesus, His life and His way

Pain unmasking deep need

Busyness, apathy, self-slavery uncovered

Heart focus now transcending deed




3 days, brief by earth-time, by God’s time sufficient

To accomplish His purpose and call

Inspiring, rewiring, focus-shifting and lifting

Ladder now leaned up against the right wall


Just 3 days, life to death, reminiscent of One

Body-torn, crucified, in a grave;

Propitiation power, stone opened, resurrection

Friday to Sunday, death to life…yes…three days.

Dominic 3-33507


3 days or thousands, no matter, finite

Sin’s scourge marking this terrestrial ball

Death the end, dust to dust, freedom’s price self-choice paying

Love rejected, life squandered by all.


Life to death should be the refrain,

Well-deserved, aptly chosen, and sealed.

But 3 days, righteous blood, the death course reversed –

Death to life! Forever souls healed.


For those who receive it – Life, source everlasting

Fellowship, purpose, peace, flow

Moments: meaning not enduring, joy-filled, awe-inspiring

The Redeemer intimately to know.

Dominic 4-3223-2


August 3rd, Two-thousand and twelve

Death date written forever in stone.

Yet in the hands of your Maker, transcended, upended –

Death now new life, temporal world flown.


Alpha, Omega, beginning and end

Human marks, God’s eternal timeline

Magnificence, omnipotence, infinity, divinity

Replacement for death; new byline.

Dominic grave-3471


Three days changed the world: Life to death, death to life.

Shifted existence, View profound

And through only three days, yours and Christ’s, now for me –

Life’s purpose and meaning, here found.


This date – soul aflight, body buried,

Seeming to cast Death a win

Renewed, revolutionized, Christ-truth inculcated;

A victory for Life, Satan!   Amen.














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