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To Dominic on Your Birthday: The Measure of a Year

To Dominic on Your Birthday: The Measure of a Year

How do we measure a year? In birthdays.

This one – your first – what does it measure? The ways

we have loved you, without you, and how we have known

pain unimagined, heartbreak, the stoneDominic 5-7739

cold hard reality of death at our door.

Dreams ripped apart, theology torn

Fists to the sky, fallen souls to the ground

Family gutted, wondering how we found

Arms empty, hearts aching, the questions of “Why?”

Unrequited desire to just comfort your cry.

No first steps, no soccer, no bible time stories

Never seeing how your nose looks just like your Daddy’s…


That could be the measure of this year, on your birthday.


But we have, instead, a God that has stayed

beside us and in us and has kept every tear –

Showing us, in tangible ways, “I AM here”.


Weeping cherry-2178

Miracles: Cherry trees, photo frames, milk just the right kind

Comfort given, received, through comfort divine

What was, before just a knowledge, theology

By God’s grace transformed into experience, new psychology.

Faith, gritty and real, lived moment by moment

Finding God’s glory and purpose – groaning it –

His voice clearer, now, love desperate, and need

Religion become more sustenance than creed.

Life, now, understood, embraced with new surety

Beginning no longer with here, but eternity.


This is the measure of your year, my dear son.


Dominic 3-8915God knew all along – and through you He has won

the whole of our souls to Himself. And He’s shown

“good” in life only by Him being known.

Our pain, and your loss, the pathway to Him

Where all is life, beauty, and goodness not dim

reflections of glory, as here in this world.

Our love for you, mere taste of heaven unfurled.


Dominic 3-8870So, this birthday we celebrate with tears

Your life, and your death, with the pain of missed years

But primarily with joy for God’s gift of you and for grace:

Endings into beginnings, death’s shroud into God’s face.

Scars into character. That’s what this year has brought –

Your year, my sweet man. Who would have thought?

That your name, Dominic, “belonging to the Lord”

would be a testament to the legacy you would bring to the world;

A legacy of ushering people into God’s embrace;

You: completely, in person, Us: while on earth, just a taste.


Reminding us, baby, with your very brief life,

that belonging to The Lord, amidst all the strife,

pain, and sorrow is all that that should be.

Loving Him, serving Him, learning to see

His will, His way, submitting to molding

Sorrow and pain potter’s tools, lumped clay hearts holding

Justification by faith but the greater

tapestry woven we see only later

when all this world’s trouble has finished its mission

In God’s hands sanctification come to fruition.


When, before Christ, we stand, sin we have none

To hear Him say, smiling, “My servant, ‘Well done'”.

“The hurt, the injustice, the tearing, the pain

Transformed your self-serving heart for my gain.Dominic 3-8833

Pride to humility, selfishness to love

‘Good’, ‘Joy’ – only what come from above

Now come to the table where crying is no more

come luxuriate into the treasures you have stored

up here in heaven where neither moth nor rust destroy

Life forever, with Me and your little boy.”


Your bittersweet birthday, my sweet baby son,

The day when I would have you turn one –

Is now a day to remember, thank, raise

hearts out of gratitude, eyes up with praise


Dominic-8888Because you, Dominic James, through your life and your loss,

Have pointed us, riveted, up to the cross.

Longing and missing, just brief breaths of life here

But unwavering Christ-gaze – draws heaven’s essence near.


It took your body in the ground, I don’t know why

To untether my soul, to let it fly

Incomprehensible loss, clipping the cord

Before merely knowing, now belonging to the Lord


What is the measure of a year? I now know.

Jesus life, here, and forever, you show.

The fruit of the Spirit, at work, transformation

Christ’s power, peace, joy, alive in us – in our station.

3 days of your life, yet through you God made clear

Life’s purpose and meaning, and I no longer fear.

For I may have lost you, in body, for now –

But soon, oh so soon at His throne I will bow.


I love you, my baby, Happy Birthday to you.

You belong to The Lord, son, yes, you truly do.

But it is you being His, the pierce of that sword,

That brought me to this passionate love affair with my Lord.

And now because of God’s grace on your birthday I lift

My eyes up knowing that I have been given the gift.

Soul metamorphasis, Earth-life-focused freed:

By any measure – by God’s measure – a good year indeed.


Dominic 3-8932


3 Responses to “To Dominic on Your Birthday: The Measure of a Year”

  1. Crystal Sorrells says:

    It will be a year on 10/6 that I lost my youngest child due to a car wreck while I was attending my grandmothers funeral. Little did I know I would never hear my son call my name anymore. I am having a very rough time now. My cousin committed suicide 2 weeks ago.
    I wrk with your friend Rebecca and love her dearly. She gave me this site. It is very hard to get up some days

  2. Bob Moore says:

    I was glad we could have the short service at the graveside. Your thoughtful words are poignant indeed and reflect a painful journey of faith in God and trust in His providence even in the face of great loss. I’m sorry you have had to go through such a terrible tragedy, especially so young in life. Having been cast into a sea of darkness myself, I feel even more deeply for the indescribable journey you have had to travel. Your words, combined with the images is beautiful and moving. Love, dad.

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