See Luminosity


Luminosity: noun

1.  A measure of brightness, radiance.

2. The quality of being enlightened or inspired.

About this site:

See Luminosity is an effort to find and illuminate the light of God’s truth within life.  Jesus said, “But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light – I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”.  (John 3:21, John 8:12).  Light. Truth. Life.   I want to see it.  God’s light.  His truth.  So I can experience His life.  In every area of life, in every moment, I want to see the Lord.  To uncover his truth, whether in family life, faith, relationships, politics, or society in general.  And I want to illuminate that truth, that glory, so that others can see it too. I want to See Luminosity.

About the author:Me-1498

My name is Rebecca Capuano and I am wife, mother, homeschooler, writer, photographer, and truth-seeker.  Although my professional background is in working with at-risk kids, my passion is my family and my Lord.  After earning my Master of Social Work degree and working with the at-risk population in a variety of ways, including developing a day treatment center for delinquent youth, I shifted focus and priorities in 2004 to have and home school my children.  And although I revel in my children and the opportunity to instill in them the academic, social, and faith values that they will need to become servants of Christ, I’m really more of a warrior than a domestic.  Like, I’d rather debate the social and theological implications of moral relativism any day than make dinner or vacuum the floor.  And I have a feeling that God gets a daily dose of levity out of the lessons in humility I learn from my current stay-at-home-Mom station.

I am passionate, intense, perfectionistic, impatient, and opinionated.  I pretty much struggle with every one of the fruits of the Spirit except self-discipline, of which I was given an inordinate amount.  And I probably should have gone to law school (and, who knows – maybe some day I will), because I love to debate, and am completely passionate about seeing justice done in the world.  The Lord has given me the grace to be able to discern His truth (on most days), even if, for some reason, the supply of grace doesn’t seem to carry over quite as well to my ability to live that truth on a moment-to-moment basis.  I’m also one of those crazy people who really, truly likes speaking in front of others, and for whom research is actually fun.  Lest you think I am the most boring person alive, I’ll add in that I’m a fairly decent amateur photographer, enjoy scrapbooking, and would snow ski every weekend if I could.  (Am I cool now?!)

My husband, Pete, is the techno savvy behind this blog.  He is the spontaneity to my structure, the fun to my discipline.  He is Disney World and I’m the university lecture hall.  I’m hoping by the end of this whole parenting adventure, our children somehow get a good balance of both.  We have two beautiful daughters that keep us on our toes.  DD1 is our kind, quirky, creative, social, impulsive oldest with a tender heart for others.  She is pretty much her Daddy, through and through.  DD2, her younger sister, is the affectionate, strong-willed, loving yet impish charmer to whom almost no one on the planet (except me) can say “No”.  Our girls love their Lord and they love each other – and they are the delight of my heart.

On July 31, 2012, we had our third child – a little man with a full head of dark, spiky hair and his Daddy’s button nose.  The only boy in our family (and amongst our extended Italian relatives), we named him Dominic – a family name, which means “Belonging to the Lord”.  Little did we know that just four short days later, he would.  He came into this world in a beautiful home birth, but the doctors later told us he had Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a fatal degenerative muscle disease.  The Lord blessed us with three wonderful, painful, all-too-brief days with our little man, before he went home to be with Jesus forever.

The loss of my son has changed my life in ways I never could have imagined.  Through it I’ve experienced more excruciating pain than I ever thought was possible, yet I’ve also experienced unfathomable joy.  The Lord has sustained our family throughout this tragedy, and is showing me every day new ways that He is working in it for good. Writing is a means He has used to help me see it.  I am learning how joy and pain are threads in the same tapestry – artwork that displays the image of Christ.  It is my prayer that through this blog, I and others can find God’s glory and God’s truth amidst the ebb and flow of life – that we will be able to See Luminosity.