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Planned Parenthood: Allowing Us All to be a Part of Killing Babies

Planned Parenthood: Allowing Us All to be a Part of Killing Babies

I just have to say, I hate Planned Parenthood.

Kind of hard for me to have any good feelings about an organization dedicated to helping a woman kill her baby, when I couldn’t even choose to keep mine alive. I know all of the facts, and am well-educated on the arguments about how the organization supports “women’s health”, yada yada yada. I still hate the place. Sorry, guys. “Cancer screenings”, “breast exams” and “sexually-transmitted disease testing” don’t exactly outweigh the moral reprehension of the fact that it is the largest killer of babies in the United States.

Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report

Planned Parenthood (PP) just released its 2011-2012 annual report, and the news is, as expected, not good, if you’re pro-life. During that time period, the organization reports receiving record funding – $542 million in taxpayer money, through contracts, grants, and Medicaid reimbursements. Taxpayer funding accounted for 45% of PP’s annual revenue.

What are your tax dollars going toward? Planned Parenthood would tell you that they’re going toward women’s preventive healthcare. And they do provide testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and breast exams (although, contrary to the President’s comments, they do not do mammograms). However, both contraceptive services (some of which, by the way, are “emergency contraceptive kits” that are understood to cause abortions) and cancer screening and services have dropped significantly  – by 12% since 2009 for contraceptive services, and 29% for cancer screenings and prevention services, according to the new report[1].

They are also the largest provider of sexual education in the country. But the kind of sex ed they provide is, in my opinion, yet another reason the organization should be defunded (For more information on this, read my article on PP’s guide, “Healthy, Happy and Hot”, which encourages HIV-positive youth to not inform sexual partners of their HIV status.) Prenatal care only accounted for 7% of its pregnancy services in 2011, and adoption referrals only accounted for 0.6% of its pregnancy services.[2] What has increased?

Abortions, of course.

In 2011, PP reports a record high in abortions (333,964), performing almost a million abortions in the past three years. And, in 2011, abortions made up 92% of PPs’ pregnancy services. Let’s be clear: for every adoption referral, PP performed 145 abortions[3]. In fact, this month, the organization required all local affiliates to begin providing abortion services.

Wait. But they provide breast exams!

Do your tax dollars fund abortions?

PP advocates argue that tax dollars, as required by law, do not go toward the funding of abortions. However, it strains credulity to believe that an organization, with such a tremendous emphasis on abortion, and which receives such a mammoth amount of federal funding, does not in any way utilize that funding to subsidize abortion services. Let’s be honest – this is an organization that has already been caught on tape abetting sex traffickers. But, of course, conjecture does not equal evidence. Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, we don’t have to go on conjecture.

Consider the following:

  • As government funding has increased to PP, their abortion services have also increased at a parallel rate. Lest someone think that this association is purely speculation, the Guttmacher Institute, in a 2009 literature review of the best studies on the ratios of abortions to federal funding, found that abortion rates were reduced when public funding was restricted. More specifically, they noted that “8–37% of pregnancies that would have ended in Medicaid-funded abortions were instead carried to term when funding was no longer available.”
  • Audits of PP affiliates in four states have found a pattern of abuse in using Medicaid funds, including marking up the prices of drugs, extensive overbilling for services (for more than $5 million in one year by just one PP affiliate in California), and billing services as “family planning” that did not meet the federal criteria for this service.
  • Medicaid reimburses PP from 50-76 percent for most of the services it provides, although is reimburses the cost of all services and supplies at a rate of 90% for family planning services. Not surprisingly, HHS investigation of PP clinics in New Jersey found widespread overbilling of services to family planning that did not qualify as family planning services.
  • In Washington, an audit found an antibiotic used as part of surgical abortions billed as a “family planning” medication.[4]

It is, of course, these practices, and similar financial subterfuge, that allow PP to claim that abortion makes up only 3% of its overall services, and that they do not use taxpayer dollars to fund abortions.

A number of lawsuits against Planned Parenthood are also mounting evidence against the organization’s claim that no federal funding is used for abortions. One suit, for example, claims that Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast trained its employees to create false charts, which resulted in the government illegally being charged (through reimbursements) for abortion services. In a separate situation, the Commissioner of the Indiana State Department of Health found “PPIN’s [Planned Parenthood of Indiana’s] audited financial statements for 2009 and 2010 give rise to a reasonable inference that it commingles Medicaid reimbursements with other revenues it receives.” Abby Johnson shares her experience as a former director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas, when she observed money received by the clinics being lumped together for any and all services provided, not divided up according to different services. Johnson is currently bringing a lawsuit against the abortion provider, with the support of Alliance Defending Freedom. Another lawsuit is being pursued against the Planned Parenthood of the Heartland affiliate, where Sue Thayer was employed for 17 years, based on her complaint that PP’s billing practice, known as “fragmentation”, separated charges for services connected with abortions (such as office visits, ultrasounds, lab work, etc.), in order to make it appear that the charges related to abortion services were significantly reduced. For a more in-depth look at the evidence implicating Planned Parenthood and its use of taxpayer funds to perform abortions, read The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood, Satan’s Trojan Horse

What is the bottom line? Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill, and it uses your and my hard-earned money to do it.

The thought of that, fresh from losing my precious, perfect newborn baby, makes me want to vomit. I am truly, utterly amazed that so many people support this organization and, more importantly, believe that a woman has a choice about killing another human being, if that being happens to be inside her. Oh, I’ll argue the ins and outs of the fact that an embryo is a human being some other time, but the truth is that Planned Parenthood is Satan’s Trojan horse. A destructive, soul and body-killing force wrapped up in the pretty package of “women’s health”. And any (modest) good it supplies for anyone is vastly outweighed by the atrocity it performs. It’s like saying that a guy who consistently murders children is basically good, because he also gives blood and volunteers at the homeless shelter on a regular basis. Even if the reason he does those things is to help him have access to future victims, in order to get rich.

There is a strong movement working to defund Planned Parenthood throughout our country. I will be watching along the way, doing all I can to bring attention to this travesty of an organization. I will pray for those who are considering abortion, and for the wayward moral natures of all of us, whose failures and sin lead to so many unwanted children. I will fight the propaganda that denies human life to an embryo  and allows us to call killing a human being a “choice”. I will highlight the incredible fallacies and blindness of the pro-choice movement, and I will be dedicated to the effort of strengthening families and faith in God, so that children are treasured and desired. I will beg forgiveness from the Lord that the money of so many of us (including those of us who are opposed to it) goes toward destroying the lives that God has created. And, most of all, I will thank God for life – life in every form, at every stage, and for the precious little baby that I had the chance to love for almost four days, even though I didn’t have a choice about his life.

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